If you have property you wish to sell, Clarke Auction Gallery’s team of specialists and client service representatives can help you through the entire process.

Getting Auction Estimates
The first step to selling property is to get auction estimates. Clarke Auction Gallery specialists can easily provide you with gratis auction estimates based on photographs; submit your object online or email us at info@clarkeny.com. In some instances, Clarke Auction Gallery specialist will ask to visit you to view your property.

Decision to sell
Based on the auction estimates, you and Clarke Auction Gallery specialists will decide whether your property is appropriate for sale at auction. We will also recommend an appropriate venue and possible sale timing. If you decide to proceed, you will sign a contract, and Clarke Auction Gallery will take the property in for cataloguing and photography.

Consignment Contract
The consignment contract consists of an itemized list of the pieces you plan to sell with corresponding auction estimates as well as Clarke Auction’s terms and conditions including commission rates, pick up cost (when applicable), insurance, and advertising.

Seller’s commission
Our rates are competitive. Contact the Gallery for information.

Settlement is made by check 30 working days after the sale, subject to receipt of payment from the purchaser.